Thursday, February 13, 2014

Vina San Jose de Apalta

Ramon, the export manager for San Jose de Apalta, was kind enough to send me some of his magnificent wine and I am very excited to discover, what for me is a new winery from Chile.

Friday night, the day of the arrival of these wines I tried the Carmenere Reserve with a friend over a meal I prepared.  The main course was coq au vin and it was prepared perfectly after a day marinating in red wine and herbs.  The Carmenere was great right from the beginning.  Usually it takes some 30 minutes to get the peak taste so I was pleasantly surprised how full it was immediately after opening.  Of course, 40 minutes later it was simply divine.  I was shocked at its quality.  To my surprise the grapes were entirely from Peumo.  Peumo is the best section of Chile for the Carmenere grapes.  Very special.
I will be tasting the remainder of the wines sent and report back on them.  I will bring one of the Cabernets to Jimmy Cefalo's TV show next Saturday.