Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A single guy's romantic dinner made at home in 30 minutes

Here is a high quality, gourmet meal paired with sexy wines that anyone can make in a half-hour. It is delicious, healthy and original. Prepared by Franklin Reider, author of “Wines of Passion: The Best of South America.”

Most of the plates can be found daily at his restaurant , Gol! The Taste of Brazil, located in Delray Beach, Florida

To contact Frank, please call Charlotte Tomic, 917-882-5243


Open two bottles of wine:



The first is a delicious, multi-layered dry white, very complex citrus laced wine from Northern Argentina; very sexy and whose unusual taste will promote conversation. It’s very unlikely to be recognized by your date that will demonstrate your erudition and knowledge of good wines.

Second course features a medium-bodied very subtle red wine whose vines are cooled by the winds of the Pacific Ocean. It is not a big grape bomb and complements all food. Again, it will present a somewhat complex taste that does not overwhelm and does promote discussion.

Your date will admire the creativity of the wine selection and will be surprised at how wonderful and original the wines are.

The table should be served with 2 wine glasses per person and served simultaneously as both wines go with each dish and present another conversation point as to which goes better with each dish.

Now for the food:

The first dish:

In a pre-heated oven of 350-degrees, put some 25 Little Neck clams ,preferably from Cape Cod, for 5-7 minutes. Add nothing!

Remove and place in a bowl retaining the juices. Discard any clams that are closed.

Use a large serving spoon to serve on dinner plates. Use small forks or seafood forks to remove clams from their shells individually at the table. Warm French bread (baguette) for dipping is optional. Drink with a glass of Torrontes. Repeat at will.

2nd dish: May be served together with clams and eaten with or after clams according to taste. Slice mozzarella cheese with thinly sliced red tomatoes, 3 slices of each alternating the cheese with tomatoes. Cover generously with Balsamic vinegar from Modena and first-pressed Olive Oil from Tuscany. This plate should be prepared prior to the arrival of the guest and served on the table before serving the clams.

3rd dish: Main course: Before meal for each diner, place a filet of Dover Sole in a flat pan covered with aluminum foil splashed with olive oil (Virgin, of course.) Sprinkle with a touch of lemon juice and significant olive oil, some basil flakes and sprigs of parsley. Pine nuts are optional. Leave at room temperature while other activities go on. When other plates are finished, place pan in the previously used oven for about 5 minutes or until you can softly life the white fish layer with a fork. Serve on individual plates. (The author does not use salt or pepper for cooking, allowing the natural flavor of the sole to come out, complemented by the lemon and herbs. If this is too subtle for some palates, salt and or pepper may be added.

Continue with Torrontes or try with Pinot Noir, a red wine ideal for fish.

savor the wines during and after the meal. when ready, proceed to dessert.

desssert: Papaya crème

Before meal, take a medium sized juicy papaya, preferably from Brazil and scoop out fruit, removing seeds/pits first. Leave in a plate in the refrigerator. Prior to the guest arriving, mix ina blender three scoops of Hagen Dazs vanilla ice cream and the papaya. Divide in two and place in 2 flat champagne glasses and leave in refrigerator only removing when ready to eat after dinner. (As an alternative, if lactose intolerance exists, use coconut lactate free ice cream or as a last resort, Greek yogurt.) Adding cassis liqueur on top of the papaya crème is an added touch.

Conclusion: This is a very sophisticated, easy to prepare, low-calorie, low-fat and low-cost meal, accompanied by outstanding wines, original and low-priced delicious wines. Clams and papaya are aphrodisiacs in some cultures and could be in yours as well. Who knows?